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График работы ЗАО «Хоффманн Профессиональный Инструмент» в праздничные дни:

31 декабря 2021 - нерабочий день, 01 – 09 января – Новогодние каникулы, 10 января – рабочий день


Уважаемые клиенты!

В связи с переходом на новый каталог Hoffmann №52, действующий с 1 августа 2021 года, в работе сайта и интернет-магазина могут возникать технические сбои, которые будут устранены в течение ближайших дней. Приносим свои извинения за временные неудобства.


Уважаемые клиенты!

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Saving time and reducing errors with Hoffmann Group Tool Management


What has been your experience of the pilot customer phase to date?

Of course, there were some teething troubles at the beginning, but these could be eliminated one by one. The close contact with the Hoffmann Group ensured that potential problems were identified and rectified. The software is now running reliably in day-to-day production and we are very satisfied with the performance and the results.

What added value does the Tool Management of the Hoffmann Group deliver for you?

The software is clearly structured and easy to use. We were particularly impressed by the ease with which tools could be measured and the values transmitted to the machine. We already have a time saving of approx. 5 minutes per tool when we create a new tool and equip a machine with it. Furthermore, we also avoid annoying transcription errors, which are easily made when inputting the data into the machine controls. Here we were able to reduce the error rate by about 100%. This makes us significantly faster, we work more efficiently and our processes are more reliable. Our employees are now able to concentrate on more productive tasks, as time-intensive activities such as manual entries and controls are no longer necessary. The Hoffmann Group Tool Management delivered a significant added value for us and we were able to reduce costs in these areas by about 20%.

How was the system introduced in your company?

After we had received the fully developed CAM interface, we were able to start right away as the CAM data base was simply imported into the Hoffmann Group Tool Management and all the tools were created automatically from the Tebis library. Afterwards we just needed to select the tool in the Hoffmann Group TM, scan the RFID code and then we were able to start measuring the tool straight away.